This Plan was the final task of the subject Advertising Campaign Planning envolving, as client, the Carnival Block Vermelho e Branco da Colônia Z-10, from Ilha do Governador, in the north zone of Rio de Janeiro.

Z-10's Fishing Community

The colony Admiral Gomes Pereira (Z-10) is considered the first fishing community of Brazil, beign founded in 1920. From there goes out, annualy, the Recreative Guild Carnival Block Red and White from Z-10.

Red and White from Z-10

The largest in Ilha do Governador, the block drags 12,000 people in the streets of the colony during its 6 hours of duration, bringing joy to the people of the neighborhood. During the year they do several fundraising activities to the day the block goes out.


The Carnival has become a tradition, especially in Rio de Janeiro. It’s a symbol of joy, union and the rescue of popular culture. That’s why we need to show this strength. The joy of beign part of this tradition. Show that Red and White of Z-10 is part of the Ilha do Governador’s culture. Starting by this thought we reached the concept-phrase:

Visual Identity

My part in the group responsible for the Campaing Plan was for the production of a new visual identity for the carnival block. For this, we need to show Red and White by what they really was: modern, updated, audacious, dynamic, happy, imposing.

Using an dynamic typography and with aspect of cursive writing, we looked to project the manual and collective question of the carnival block’s work with the colony and the symbol is an stylization of a egret, very common animal in Ilha do Governador.

But another demand from the directory of the Carnival Block was that the seahorse, animal-symbol of the Fishing Community Z-10 were incorporated in the Block’s brand. Our proposal included the creation of a proper brand for the Colony, which would be applied in conjunct with the brand of the Block.

In this way gives the idea of two distinct things (the Colony and the Carnival Block) which are united when applied in conjunct, referencing the unity of both to the Carnival.


Thinking in a way of fundraising based on sell of Red and White of Z-10 products the group created stylized phrases to be applied in productz, which can be found below.

In order: "My Life is Red and White", "My Island is Red and White", "My Carnival is Red and White" and "My Party is Red and White".

Brand Enforcements

The brand were thought to be enforced in posters, social networks and official products.








by Bruna Almeida, Bruna Martins, Caio Macedo,
Fernanda Lucena, Fernanda Nunes, Guilherme Berriel,
Jean Santiago, Rebeca Rocha, Rodrigo Gonzalez
client Vermelho e Branco da Z-10
in Advertising Campaign, Branding, Graphic Design