Universidade Federal Fluminense’s International Cooperation Office was promoted, in 2014, to the category of Superintendence. More than a name change, this new word represents a recognition for the growth of internationalization activities committed by the whole University, through ICO, in the last 8 years. To follow this change a further step was necessary which was its positioning change.

ICO’s objective is stimulate and facilitate the process of internationalization of the University, proving support to Mobility and International Cooperation activities. It is also responsible, with partnerships, for foreigners languages courses, for international work missions for professors and in formulating international cooperation agreements.

The old brand of ICO presents an static and serious model. Besides that it doesn’t provide support for translations of your name in other languages, relevant point for an International Relations office. The new SRI wants to be shown as modern, important, present in universitarian life in their various sectors of acting, and also show the relevance of Brazilian Undergraduation and Graduation to foreign universities.

But a process of reformulation of positioning, that expands to a new identity, cannot be done with an extreme transformation. The new visual identity started its conceptualization from the graphic element already present in the old brand (the semicircle composed by lines).

And, thinking in a mutable brand in its language, were thought in an model structure that centers in only one element: the circle, with SRI (Portuguese translation of ICO) written inside it.

The main project includes translations for 8 languages: Portuguese, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, German and Japanese.

To standardize the reading, the typographic composition was the main help in this process: Adopting different styles of DIN font for the words International, Cooperation and Office, it was possible to produce an harmony in the brand even in several languages and structures.

To help in the visual construction of the new brand, it was created an graphical pattern of circles united to be used with the brand, complementing and contrasting with simplified applications.

The brand and its graphic pattern were enforced in stationery, website and social networks.


Branded stationery

Business Card

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by Caio Macedo
client Superintendência de Relações Internacionais / International Cooperation Office - UFF
in Branding, Graphic Design