With this project i looked to remake the visual part of the Federal Fluminense University’s app, adapting it to the Apple’s design guidelines for iOS applications and, also, refer in some way to the color of the UFF’s visual identity (the shades of blue).

Splashscreen created and redesign of the login screen (making mandatory to see the app functions).

App's main screen.

Redesign of the Schedule and School History parts, with colors to grades above or below 6.0 and highlight to the GPA and Completed hours of the course.

Redesign of the Universitarian Restaurant's Menu and adaptation of the page with UFF's Bus System routes to Apple Maps.

Redesign of the News part and redesign of a selected new's page.

Creation of an "Borrowing" part for notes of borrowed itens and books withdrawn of UFF's libraries and redesign of the Tests part.

Adaptation of the button About to an page.

Not applied ideas

Some ideas can be applied, futurely, in parts of the app or in separated apps, which are:
— One part to University's events (getting content from www.eventos.uff.br);
— One part with the telephones of the whole UFF's network;
— One part with the books available in UFF's Libraries, with option to favorite and control your borrowings.

by Caio Macedo
client Universidade Federal Fluminense / Federal Fluminense University (Conceptual Work)
in UI/UX