In 2012, Brazilian Navy and Federal Fluminense University (UFF, in Portuguese) started an Integrated Communication Plan for the summer of 2012-2013 which valorize the inovation and features an advertising campaign that balances both online and offline implementation and development methods to reduce the number of nautical accidents educating and involving the population as a whole.

Over the years (and with the improvement in living conditions of many Brazilians), the forms of entertainment for many people changed of an afternoon playing racquetball or volleyball in the beach sands to other activities such as jetskis or boats rides, bananas boats etc.

However, with this increase in the number of users — many without proper qualification for this type of transport or the boat without maintenance, or even worse, drunk — have generated a worrying increase in the number of fatal accidents and accidents in rivers, lakes and ponds throughout the country.

Thinking about that the Brazilian Navy, in partnership with the Fluminense Federal University (UFF in Portuguese), through teams of Vitamina UFF and the Agência Drops de Comunicação da UFF has compiled an Online and Offline Integrated Communication Planning, along with a Visual Identity for what was to become the Brazilian Navy Summer Operation.

The Campaign Planning (made by Agência Drops) stated that offenders should be treated with repulse by society as well as smokers, for example, suffer repulse by much of the population. The population become active in communication and in ther paper as citizen, rebuking the wrong behavior, and report it to the competent authorities (the Brazilian Navy). For his part, BN organized a unmeasured oversight work on the margins of beaches, rivers, lakes and ponds throughout Brazil, and to facilitate as much as possible a way of sending complaints from people, especially if they were in beach at the time of the infringement.

Video for the Launch of Summer Operation 2012-2013 (in Portuguese)

By the Vitamina UFF team were developed the Visual Identity of the campaign (along with Brandbook), along with the identity and the development of the advertising pieces used by all the Captainship of the country (including Busdoor, Backbus, Outdoor, Banner, Superbanner for MetrôRio – subway company of Rio de Janeiro – and CCR Barcas – ferry transport company of Rio de Janeiro –, Posters and Promotional Material (t-shirts, caps, bottons, flyers etc.).

Vitamina UFF also became responsible for the Online Communication Planning, covering social networks of the Brazilian Navy (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube), the creation of a website for Summer Operation, the creation of a web-app for smartphones and tablets and a form for submitting complaints. Also on our responsibility was to create guidelines and content to feed social networks during the summer of 2012-2013.

More than a bet of Brazilian Navy, in a completely innovative communication (for BN standards), Operation Summer is a success since its launch year, with more than 29,000 visits to the website, an increase of 93,000 likes on the official Brazilian Navy's Facebook page and an increase of 52% in the number of inspections and 94% in the number of boats apprehensions in the period from December 2012 to March 2013*.

* Data collected in September 2013. Source: Agência Brasil (in Portuguese), Facebook and Google Analytics.

The brand

Brandbook (available here – in Portuguese)





Superbanner for MetrôRio (subway company in Rio de Janeiro) and TV static advertising to CCR Barcas (ferry transport company in Rio de Janeiro)


Website and Form to report infringements

Summer Operation on Ports and Coasts Directory and in Brazilian Navy's Facebook page

Example of an Summer Operation's post on Brazilian Navy's Facebook page (in Portuguese)

Note: All links below are in Portuguese.

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by Caio Macedo, Fernanda de Alencar, Lilian Ribeiro,
Mariana Depoli, Rafaela Vieira, Rebeca Rocha,
Rodrigo Gonzalez, Thiago Machado
client Marinha do Brasil
in Advertising Campaign, Branding, Art Direction