The Course of Social Communication of Federal Fluminense University (UFF in Portuguese) is classical. Created in 1968, during the military government, since its origin its known by its critical formation offered to its students, which are oriented to know and debate/question since its 1st. semester. It is also a mark known in this course its stimulus to the artistic segment.

Over the years the course maintained its focus on Art and the construction of ethical, sociological and philosophical thinking in their syllabus reforms. During the activities of a subject of visual identities development, it was proposed by the group of this project, the creation of a brand for the Social Communication course which, among other courses at UFF, was one of the few without a symbol or something that represent it. Previously Professor Rosa Benevento developed a brand but there wasn’t the necessary adhesion to establish, since there was no dialogue or identification with the public.

The brand created has direct inspiration in the concept of colors applied on orphic cubism, in geometric abstraction and, at practical examples, in the visual identity of the alternative rock Portugal-based band The Gift. The orphism differs by proposing an concept more abstract to the Cubist painting, always valuing an major and more miscellaneous use of colors.

The geometric abstraction structures itself in abstract paintings with shapes that, at the end, exists only an geometric conception of art. A very clear example of that concept is the work of the painter Piet Mondrian. And, at last, one of the references is the graphical work of the band The Git in his penultimate album, entitled Explode. There, the visual identity is made of an explosion of colors in a geometric mosaic using triangles of various sizes.

In this way, the brand presents itself as a synthesis of all the Social Communication course represents: a multifaceted, multicultural union of students, of multiple styles, creeds and ways to see the life.

To realize this project it was necessary to study various fonts and colors to be used. In typographical families, the group opted for the Adamas font for the symbol (GCO/GGC) and Gibson to standard typography involving the brand. And for brand building using colors, 26 colors were selected (grouped in shades of blue, red, purple and green) and named as specific for this brand.

Also according to the psychology of colors, the shades of red are mentally associated to energy, velocity, intensity, strength; the blues in tranquility, reliability, stability, calm, authority; the greens in youth and calm and the shades of purple in regularity and creativity.

To attend the diversity of brand enforcements were created versions in Horizontal, Positive and Negative (for situations that the brand cannot be enforced in full colors or in small-size enforcements). Also were created Sub-Signatures of all the variations, adapted to both course habilitations: Advertising and Journalism. And, to finish, the brand were enforced in Stationary elements and Multimedia (Keynote/PowerPoint templates and email signatures).

Stationery – Branded Paper, Envelope and Business Card

Multimedia – Keynote and PowerPoint Templates

Email signature with Note of Confidentiality

Institutional website for the course and online Brandbook

by Caio Macedo
client Curso de Comunicação Social da UFF / UFF's Social Communication Graduation Course
in Branding, Graphic Design