During the activities of the subject Visual Communication 101 it was proposed by the professor that the students created their own visual identities as final activity. Below you’ll see the study of references and the conceptualization of my visual identity.


My major typographic reference were the font Futura, used mainly by the POP band Maroon 5 in its album It Won’t Be Soon Before Long. There i searched for the contrast of dark backgrounds with type in pure white, which turned out to be the key element of my visual identity.

The Brand

The brand is composed by my initials (letters C and M), where the C inverts itself and binds to the M, agrouping an rebel and daring C with an M that, in Futura font, has an soft sensation of dynamism.

The brand were splitted to my areas of expertise and also with an application with my name written in full. In those cases the words comes in the Proxima Nova typographic family and, always, in the inner space of the letter C.

Also adapted to Negative and Print-Ready versions (the second in shades of gray).


Brandbook (available in Portuguese here)

Stationery: Branded Paper, A4-size and Letter Envelope, Moleskine® notebook, CD Cover and Business Card

by Caio Macedo
in Branding, Graphic Design