The Naval Battle of Riachuelo, which occurred on June 11, 1865, is considered by historians as a decisive battle of the War of the Triple Alliance (1864-1870) – the largest military conflict in South America. To Brazil and its allies – victorious in the conflict – was guaranteed the full use of the rivers of the La Plata Basin, which were the main access roads to the theater of war operations and the interior regions of the country. (Text provided by Brazilian Navy)

With my proposal I looked for recorver for public knowledge the military decorations and their badges and, by doing this, enhance one of the main achievements of the armed forces in Brazilian history. This honor of the Brazilian Navy for the population convokes everyone to celebrate the victory in the greatest war in South America and the reaffirm the Brazilian maritime power among nations.

From the land of riches, to even greater riches of the seas (many unknown), the Brazil from North to South is proud of its participation in the Naval Battle of Riachuelo, and nothing more expected than honor all Brazilians that, since Riachuelo, engage and strive in daily wars to grow and, together, grow Brazil.

by Caio Macedo
client Marinha do Brasil / Brazilian Navy
in Branding, Graphic Design